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California's Land Use and Economy

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This article presents an overall picture of California’s land use and economy, and the interrelation existing between the two of them. California is one of the western states of the USA that plays a significant role in the economic affairs of the country. The economic base of California is strongly supported by its leading technology, foreign trade, tourism etc. The entertainment sector and many other professional service sectors contribute to the growth of California (California Country Projections, 2007). Presently housing markets in California is shaking out age-old mortgage practice. Since 2000 the constancy in the employment opportunity in the state shows that the state has failed to secure an expected job growth to keep pace with the nation in the economic growth of the USA (Editor's Commentary, June 03, 2008). The state holds a great prospect in economy regarding its land resource. The use of land in California is with its economy. The total area of land of the state is about 158000 square miles. Land used for human settlement, infrastructure, industry and other diversified uses consume a remarkable percent of the total land area. The economy of the state largely depends on its land property. Several cities and counties are at the centre of its various economic activities. These cities are leading the activities in various economic sectors. Regarding the land use of California “smart growth principles” and “smart energy policy” has made much of progress. But in reality, the assumptions which are made on California’s land use and energy policies have serious flaws. The flaws lie in the failure to examine the realities in California.

California is a large state with diverse local and regional features. The state is mainly divided into two parts: South Carolina and North Carolina. About 37 million people live in California. The state possesses approximately 158000 square miles of land. The total land is used for various purposes. Mainly the geographical pattern of the land and the climate, the culture of the people and the features of industrial development determine the mode of land use in the state.


Almost 25% of the total land is used as farmland. The sectors in which the area of the farmland is being used are prime farmland, farmland of statewide importance, unique farmland, irrigated farmland, grazing land, urban and build-up land, land for other uses and water-land.

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